Chad's Prep Reviews

Awesome Instructor
Fatima B.

Chad's videos explained everything in a concise and much more relatable manner compared to Kaplan's videos. He is able to provide background information efficiently, teach the material well, and then give common examples that are seen on examinations. I am so appreciative that he offers a "free" method of watching the videos, but I'm sure the paid version with quizzes would be even more beneficial. Thank you!!

camila m.

Chad's videos offer clear, concise, and practical approaches to material that doesn't always come easily to students, and is likewise dense.

General chemistry
Julianne Kiene

Really helpful!

Trong M.

Chad helped me pass chem 1 and taught me everything I know about chem 2. Very thorough. A good man.

Chad is a God
Izzy H.

I wouldn't have passed Gen Chem1 or 2 without his man he is amazing and makes everything seem much simpler than the way my professor explains it. Thank god my cousin showed me this site!!

The Only Reason I understand Chemistry
Leni V.

Chad teaches the concepts so well. My professor, although good, doesn't explain the concepts well enough. Instead, he relies on "that's how it works". Chad will explain the concepts in a simple manner that makes you understand why and how. Without him, I would fail. Thank you Chad!

Paola R.


Raabia M.

Chad is very clear when explaining things that are hard to otherwise understand. This is still hard material so I don't always understand the whole subject even after watching his videos but I get the bigger picture much better after I watch his videos. I am so glad I discovered his courses!

aliza l.

Finding these reviews truly changed my life. I was in the middle of my chemistry course, getting very low grades, and feeling ready to give up. I watched many videos online and didn't feel like anything was helping. Finally, a friend recommended Chad to me. I watched all the videos for Chemistry 1 until the chapter we were up to. After getting 2 bad test grades, the test I took immediately after starting Chad I got an 88! I was ecstatic. I felt like I finally had hope and I could do well in Chem 1 and all other courses that I could use Chad for! Chad is an amazing teacher and explains the material so well. I truly wish I could have more teachers like Chad. Thank you!

General Chemistry
Saja S.

Chad is amazing! He accurately explains all of the material and comes up with clever ways to grasp certain aspects of the course.

Thank you
Hadeel T.

I'm very happy with this course. I had a very bad professor and this helped me to get a very high C after failing my first test. I had only 3 tests and they were worth 50% each. I'm taking Chem 2 now, I'm going to class, and doing this course as the semester is going. Thank you for your help and thank you for providing this at a reasonable price. We are students and it's hard to pay a lot sometimes for things that we need. God bless you 🙂

Better than the textbook!!!
Twishi P.

I actually found this course after already finishing my first semester in general chemistry and honestly this is so much better than learning straight from the textbook. Chad only gives the information that we really need to know, whereas the textbook would give you everything and you will have to decide what is important and what is not. I suggest watching the video on a chapter then solving as many problems as you can from your textbook from that chapter.

Kat K.

Overall, I like the teaching style and how the topics are approached; while I do have to go through more thorough notes, the videos give a good general idea of each topic.

Best Chem Professor Ever
patrick n.

Chad is an excellent lecturer that teaches a wide variety of subjects. I have used his videos for both Ochem and Gchem and have been in the top of my class for both. I would say that Chad was better than both of my real instructors.

Chad! Chad! Chad!
Nikki Z.

WOW! This is a great review. I recommend it to all. This is the clearest and most understandable video I have ever watched on chemistry. Thank you Chad!!

Christy L.

The perfect little review for science courses! I love them!

Chad's Video
Justin H.

It is very helpful how he explains it and even though the examples are done with simpler calculations than most test problems, it helps in integrating the ideas into our brains. It definitely is more "fun" than just regular lectures. I can see that he is trying and is passionate about teaching as well. I am glad I found Chad's video and I hope it results me with better understanding of general chemistry. Thank you.

Fantastic, Chad Saved My Grade
garrison g.

My Chemistry Teacher was not explaining things well at all and a friend turned me onto Chads Videos. I love how simple Chad explains the concepts. The videos were short as well so I could watch a video and then do homework problems to reinforce what I learned. I would recommend Chads Videos to anyone.

William M.

I really wish that I had you as a teacher because simply watching your videos makes chemistry fun. I'm in CHM-114 and I constantly find myself on this website for extra help. Keep doing what you're doing because it's helping a lot more people than you think it is.

laura D.

I'm gracefull your explanation is right on the point and yet explain more than just an introduction. good to learn the material quick and effective.

Life saver for a person who's retaking chem 2!
Anna T.

Chad really dumbs the concept down for you which is amazing because most chem professors and textbooks always seem to add extra info or extend teaching the concept, confusing a lot of students with not only understanding the concept but the math as well. The videos are a decent timed duration so I don't spend hours on end learning like in class. Example problems are worked out, but most importantly the main idea is clearly received and that's what is really important for me.

Connor P.

Have my CHM114 mid-term tomorrow and these videos saved my butt!! Super easy to understand the concepts! Will definitely kill it tomorrow, thanks for putting these videos out there!

Dude you are the freaking man!!!
Nicholas L.

Can't explain in words how helpful you have been for me and your free of charge my community college couldn't give me this education for 500 times the price and we have the second highest transfer rate in the state of California... You are the Man 5 of 5 stars recommending to everyone and anyone THANK YOU!!!!

Awesome Review
Rebecca L.

Everything is so detailed, makes sure everything is extremely clear, and even learning things that I wasn't taught when I first learned the topics! I really liked the practice problems that were added to a couple of the topics, that really helped. Thanks a lot Chad!

Great course!
Dominique O.

I wish I would have known about Chad's Videos in college I would have done so much better in my freshman year courses! He explains things so well and down to earth!

A+ videos
John L.

So many topics and concepts are covered in the videos. Chad's explanations with supporting examples are super helpful, and easily understood. Thank you Chad!

Excellent Review
nemo a.

The humor, the punctuality, the mnemonics, and the clear explanations in a concise manner make this review a MUST-KNOW link for any student involved with STEM fields. High-school students reviewing for exams and university-level students seeking review. I wish I had knew about this years ago. Thank you for your time and making this open-access.

doaa e.

This course is a great aid in understanding the chemistry.thanks for make it available

katherine r.

I am not great with Chemistry and I am actually learning things. The way Chad describes everything is very understandable. Thank you so much for putting this up for everyone to use.

Balancing Nuclear Reactions
Annie W.

The last example is incorrect. The product should be Pa with 91 protons to balance

Chad's Videos are AMAZING
Sydney F.

Chad is a lifesaver! I genuinely feel like I understand chemistry so much better than I ever have because of his explanations! A natural born teacher, makes things very easy to understand and uses memorable examples. So so grateful he has his videos up for everyone to watch! Thanks Chad 🙂

Curtis W.

Great course! Very detailed and uses amazing analogies. Keep up the amazing work.

Cindy Z.

very easy to follow through and gives good examples !!!

Rate this course!
Tim H.

I love this! Wish I would have heard of it sooner!

Jared T.

Chad, Simply put you are a chemistry whiz. You are one of the best teachers I've seen yet and you allow us to view your videos for free. Thank you!

So Helpful!
Lauren T.

Love these videos! I am taking Gen Chem 1 and these videos have honestly saved my life when studying for a test!

Super Duper Helpful
minh t.

I realized that I have forgotten so many important concepts from watching these videos. Bless your soul, Chad, for making this a free program. I am a poor college student, and without this, I would not know what to do. Thank you so much for the help. Everything he said is super helpful and worth memorizing. Good luck with your tests. PS. Stuff that never made sense in class before, finally made sense when Chad's explaining them. Great videos to watch for further understanding and connecting different concepts. Also, on 20.2, I can't figure out why the balanced nuclear rxn product turns out to be 93 protons instead of 91 protons. Please help.

All the videos
Marsha-Kay H.

All the material is fantastic! Great teacher! He explains the content very well. Material laid out in a very simple manner.

quaston m.

Simplifies difficult concepts for you to understand. Just overall a great resource. 10/10!

Very helpful so far. Videos are concise and feel that there is little down time
Zachary B.

It's great way to review chemistry and work through all the concepts without feeling that I'm wasting time on explanations. Everything is concise. Would be nice if there were more quizzes

Great tips!
Jia T.

Chad provides great tips on ways to solve questions faster and more intuitively! This course is great for someone learning new material for the first time or reviewing. For the purposes of review, it might go into more detail than is needed sometimes. Which is why the outlines Chad provides also help me decide what parts I can skip over.

Great Course
Michelle L.

Chad explains everything so well so it's understandable.

Simply Incredible
William C.

It is astounding that this collection of instruction is available so readily. The information is laid out in an easy to navigate way, and each video has what you need to understand a concept. What's more, Chad does a great job delivering the information--keeps your attention the whole time. Just fantastic all around. After watching a video here I'm ready to tackle homework or practice problems while studying. I'm so grateful to Chad for doing this.

Best Review
Snigdha I.

By far one of the most comprehensive review's I've ever seen. Really helped me with Chem!

Chad's Videos are the best !!
Nicolettte R.

I am going into my senior year of college and studying for the exam for medical school and haven't taken general chemistry since high school. These videos are so incredibly helpful in relearning everything !! Chad provides thorough explanations with tons of examples to help you really master each topic. I am using his videos for all the subjects he offers and I highly recommend them to everyone.

General chem
sarah o.

Everything about your videos are helping me and I wish I was in your class because I thin i would actually pass with an A I honestly do not know what I would do without your website and I'm hoping this helps when I go to grad school too! Thank you so much God bless you

Great Review Class
micaela r.

Chad teaches Chemistry in such a way all students can learn easily and clearly.

Chad's General Chemistry Courses
Joshua M.

These videos are priceless. Chad does an excellent job reviewing general chemistry concepts (in addition to other courses). These videos have been a great study supplement for my preparation for the Dental Admissions Test. Chad explains concepts clearly and works problems step by step, giving hints and tips along the way. His videos have helped me understand general chemistry concepts that I struggled with after reading textbooks and sitting through lectures. He ties principles together from multiple topics, as well, which is very helpful. These videos are a great addition to other resources, and will help any student lear about or review general chemistry.

Awesome chem teacher that I wish I had in high school
Hilary T.

I loved listening to your lectures! everything is so simple now and I wish I knew about you much sooner!

Incredibly helpful.
Tho D.

Chad's Videos is by far the most helpful resource available whether you're learning this material for the first time or brushing up for a major entrance exam. His approach is practical, succinct, systematic, and very comprehensive. He is a really talented teacher and countless students have benefited from his hard work. Thank you so much, Chad.

Great Review!
Hannah B.

This course has been a great refresher of General Chemistry for my professional school entrance exam! The best part is that it's free. No need to waste money on expensive study materials with this course available!

Excellent descriptions
Cyndi R.

This course has made learning chemistry much more enjoyable and has helped me remember a lot more of the concepts then when I was taught the first time.

Chem 2
josin t.

Great Review.

VERY Helpful
Elie A.

Explains very clearly and gives you only what you need to do. Thanks

Great review for those who are taking big tests
Tam P.

Chad has the most crystal clear explanations of concepts that you probably missed out in Gen. Chem or your professor have never covered it before. It's totally worth your time going through every single video and take notes.

Excellent Course
vanesa t.

Very helpful.

The best for a reason!
Lucero R.

Chad summarizes the main points of general chemistry efficiently and in a way that enables effective retention of the material. Definitely give this course a try, and you will see what I mean for yourself!

Mohamad G.

Straight to the point, and Chad is a beast at explaining tough concepts

A great refresher course!
Kathryn C.

It has been a few years since I took General Chemistry and these videos help me brush up on all of the topics in a quick, efficient manner. Chad, you are a lifesaver!

100% the BEST
Rachel K.

This course is so great and comprehensive! Thank you so much! I really regret taking a Kaplan course, because these videos are so much better.

I miss the original format when a lesson was not divided into chunks.

The video format now is weird. They're divided into smaller segments.

Caroline C.


Nora M.

This course is a life saver! Gen Chem would've been a pain if I didn't have these videos! Chad makes the concepts MUCH simpler and goes over very helpful examples.

Saber E.

The material and information is taught in very structured manner and is broken down to where it is easier to comprehend and digest the information. Great study source for any admission test and if you need any extra help on specific subjects. Highly recommend watching these videos!

eman g.

thank you so much for amazing videos, this is where i learned chemistry and organic chemistry.

Marcus S.

Chad is the best teacher !!!

Esther Y.


John L.
Easy to watch easy to understand!
Jenna A.
General Chemistry
Justina E.
Great Study tool
Keith J.
Awesome videos
mohamad a.

By far the best explanations that are easy to understand! Highly recommend watching Chad's videos for all Gen Chem topics.

Great Review
Jessica G.

Awesome, informative and to the point. Thank you for making this available to students for free who need that extra review in chemistry and Orgo.

So helpful
Sam L.

Not only a fast way to learn, but so detailed and really helped me understand.

Chem has never seemed easier 🙂
Tani G.

Super helpful and to-the-point!! Chad makes understanding chem so simple, I recommend Chad's videos to everyone!!

Periodic Properties
Mahek F.


Roba E.

AMAZING. Thank you, Chad 🙂

Mansi P.

without this course, I would not understand chemistry so easily. I would recommend it to everyone!!

lewis dot structure
yasmeen a.
Chapter 2
Crystal C.

Atoms, Molecules and Ions - Chad is very thorough and concise in teaching the important trends to make you understand instead of just memorize.

High-Yield Gen Chem Review
Luke H.

Chad teaches principles of general chemistry in a way that is hard not to understand.

Chads prep
nicolle w.

THIS IS THE BEST REVIEW PREP COURSE EVER~ literally explains everything to its core in understandable ways. better than my Kaplan LIVE courses!

Very insightful and easy to understand!
Dylan H.

It is incredible that much of this is free to learn. As difficult as it can be paying for prep materials, Chad's videos are refreshing! By far the best study tool I have used in my preparation.

Femi F.

I've been out of the chemistry game for a veryyyyyy long time the videos have been super helpful so far as I'm reviewing for my admissions exam.

Chem 2 Chapter
victoria v.

so so so helpful

Absolutely the BEST!!!!
Michael S.

This course is amazing. Chad lays out the material in an entertaining and easy to understand way. Unlike most video lectures which give a quick rundown of the main points, Chad's lectures cover everything we do in class. The focus is really on understanding the material. The organization is also great. I can follow right along with lectures at my university. Hands down the Best!!! Thank you Chad!!

Periodic trends
Yubelka B.


Phillip A.

Great job Chad!

Tara S.

Super lucky to have Chad's explanations

Thorough Chem Review
Anita V.

This is a great way brush up on chemistry, especially if you are studying after a few years of taking these courses. I wish Chad offered a Bio review!

Awesome Sauce!!!!
Leandra J.

these videos really help me out a lot. I understand it better than learning it through my classroom lecture

Really great study material!
Elena V.

Thanks so much for creating these videos - really great help for students trying to review chemistry at home and on a budget. Following the work sheets with the videos was straightforward and there was just enough practice questions to work through during the videos.

god bless this man
Alexa C.

I've learned more in the few weeks I've spent watching his videos than I ever did in 2 full semesters of gen chem at a state university. Chad is my hero. I'm not even being dramatic, he's seriously the best.

John J.

it is incredibly helpful and easy to follow.

Brilliant Professor
Dylan Y.

Such a fun teacher, and explains it in a way I always try to replicate to help out friends. I have referred friends to him, he just makes it sound so simple, and easy to remember. Also very well organized. Can't say enough good things.

Jessica H.

I really appreciate these videos! Chad does a great job of explaining different concepts and misconceptions that are common among students. I think that he is a great teacher and has excellent explanations!

General chem 1
michal f.

Super clear and helpful!

You have to do this!
 Jackie E.

Chad's videos have helped me so much during my Chem 2 course. It's been a few years since I have taken chem 1 and I don't remember anything. Watching these videos before class and following along in class has improved my understanding tremendously. I love that I can always go back and review however many times that I need before a test or even before the final. Thank you Chad!!

thank you!
laura g.

Since I have been in college the most difficult class for me was chemistry, I would not understand what the teacher explained and how they knew what equations to use. Last week I went to a tutor and she recommended me to use this website. I just finished studying 1 chapter; in my normal classroom time the teacher took 2 classes to explain and I still couldn't understand the chapter at all. Now I see this course and I can say with confidence I get it! I like the way this professor explains the class, direct and clear. It makes me interested in chemistry again. Thank you!

Humam S.

In college, you'll learn the hard way that not every professor can deliver the material comprehensively but you can always count on Chad to make everything easier and more fun to study. incredible help!

The best Chem/Physics videos on the internet
Eyad H.

I watched Chad's videos while taking my Physics courses and he was a huge help! Currently using his videos for my General Chemistry course and could not expect anything better. I've used many different online video resources and Chad's videos are consistently the gold standard for online video explanations. The best part is that they're free and I'm definitely planning to continue using in the future and will buy the packages because his work is worth supporting. The benefit you get is very much worth it. Thanks Chad!!

ALL chapters
ruby a.

Chad is amazing!! Thank you so much for offering free videos, so much help!

Iffath-Ara M.

This course helped me review general chemistry step by step, which I needed

Jenny Q.

the videos have been so easy to understand and covers all the topics that i need to learn!!

Aviva S.

Very Clear and Helpful!!

Leslie L.

These videos help a lot! He used terminology and explanations easy to understand so we can comprehend what is going on and how it happens and then everything just sort of clicks together!

extremely easy to understand!
Courtney F.

Chad breaks down everything for you! If there is something that you have trouble comprehending, I definitely recommend watching his video clips!

Pablo C.

Very good job relating topics to real world examples

so helpful
Tess M.

very helpful can really understand chem

Gen Chem
Adam S.

You will come away with amazing clarity and a deep understanding of the most difficult Chemistry concepts, by far the most amazing video production of Chemistry you will find on the web.

Amazing Crash course
batsheva a.

He teaches everything so well that everything becomes black and white. I benefitted tremendously. Thank you so much, it is much appreciated.

Quang N.

Chad is the BEST! His teachings are super helpful and he does a great stuff explaining. Watching these videos help me get a good refresher for gchem for my upcoming exams.

Basic General Chemistry Review
Floriana B.

Basic General Chemistry Review

Great resource
Joseph V.

he is a great teacher and the videos, study guides, and questions help a lot in understanding the simple and tough aspects of general chemistry

Basic Chem Review
Mathias M.

Chad spells out basic chemistry in a way any person can understand. I am using his basic general chemistry review as a refresher for a graduate school test prep, although I wish I had known about his teaching while I was in general chemistry myself. He makes even the most difficult concepts seem simple. You will not find a more concise, yet extremely thorough, review.

Makes seemingly complex concepts really simple!!!!
gavri r.

Before I started watching these videos I thought that chemistry was extraordinarily hard but after listening to Chads videos I feel that the concepts and calculations are fairly simple.Thank you!

Beautiful Work, Chad
Amirali H.

As a pre-dental student in Canada, I am thrilled that these videos are available as a free resource. The ability to teach is one of the rarer qualities and Chad has been gifted with it. Thank you, Sir.

Chrishon H.

This saved my life throughout chem 1.

Simplistic and Easy to Understand
Comfort A.

I do not attend ASU but this Chemistry Prep course has definitely made my chemistry class so much easier to understand. It summarizes 2-class-sessions worth of information into minutes. I highly recommend for test and exam reviews or just to understand topics in general.

Amazing teacher, very precise
Aaron K.

Thank you so much, Chad! You have a gift! You're an amazing teacher. Part of why I love your chemistry course so much is how I am learning so much about teaching while learning about chemistry. I get so much more out of your videos than I do in my college chemistry class. The stuff I learn actually sticks. Thanks!

Mihaela L.

The explanations are amazing, life saving! Thank you so much!

Best Review I Have Ever Used
Kierra G.

It makes learner so much easier. Being able to pause, rewind to better understand something you did not get the first time in lecture helps a lot. Make sure to write down the examples to use to study future practice problems.

To The Point
Tejal P.

Chad's videos get straight to the point. That's what I like about them so much. He condenses the material into a video that isn't long and boring. He does a good job at covering different topics and the layout of the course is great. You never are confused at any point in the course. Also his quizzes are super helpful and really reinforce the material you've just learned.

huan q.

very clear instructions and notes

the best
Golsa M.
Chapter 4
Cristian C.
David P.
General Chemistry Video Course
Umaima S.
Love it
Stacie A.

I am so grateful for Chad’s Chemistry. I have a teacher in Gen Chem 1 that struggles with giving us any information of this subject. He wants us to just figure it out. Gen Chem 1 is structural!!!! Thank you Chad for giving me the structure I need so I can learn to be creative with my understanding of Chemistry.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
Michelle C.

Keeps my attention, feels like a relatable friend tutoring me. The questions after each video are key in my understanding and solidification of each concept.

stoichiometry and dilutions
steffanie s.

I absolutely Love these step by step videos and all the practice at the end of the chapters is really great at helping me engrain them in my brain.

Brings out the inner chemist in you!
Osama A.

I've always been horrible in chemistry and failed it twice in high school but since I watched these videos my grades are always high 90s. in GC 1 I got a 98 and in GC 2 I got a 99. With that said, I wish there was more support in the website, I sent an email to prof chad on the email address listed on this website over a week ago and still haven't heard back! Not sure if he's actually monitoring the support email account.

G Chem Review
kinza c.
Jared N.

Make flashcards of every little tip Chad gives you... it will go a long way for your retention and comprehension!

very helpful
Joshua N.
The best explanation!
pari P.

Chad makes it so simple to understand, You will never forget the concept once you learn! I have used his videos from Gen Chem and Ochem. Earned A's because of his video. Highly Highly recommend.

Easy to understand but more practice is needed
Jake D.

Chad explains the concept clearly and humorously with relatable analogies but I have difficulty remembering all of those concepts as there are not enough practice problems following the lessons.

Best professor ever

So I cant find the words to describe how helpful this course has been. I mean for every science class that I've taken I have seen Chads Videos to help me understand. Thank you for everything you do, your time and your amazing way of explaining things in such a easy way. Thank you!!!

Mohammad Y.

Chad, thank you for making these videos. I was able to understand conceptually the above mentioned chapter. Your videos and quizzes expose my weakness and they are challenging. What I get of them, afterwards, is the complete understanding. Awesome job!

No ego in the way
Ann L.

Such a generous teacher who never fails to patiently check for understanding; this reinforces and encourages great confidence before moving on

Chapter 9 - Molecular Geometry and Bonding
Jeremy A.
Jonathan W.

Learned a lot

Great review course

Excellent review for someone that already took chem

jordan c.

This was awesome. There were some typos but even with that I love the explanations, videos, and the actual responses to the discussions FROM CHAD HIMSELF. I do wish that the summary test would save your progress when you log off in the middle of the test. This way you wouldn't have to start from the beginning to get your score if you were interrupted. All in all, I learned a whole years worth of Gen. Chem in 1 month so THANK YOU CHAD YOU'RE AWESOME! Oh and the price is totally affordable!

Thanks Chad!
Klara S.

What a wonderful collection of General Chemistry content made easy.

The best chemestry Course
Tasin D.

Helped me get throug first year of university chemistry. Highly recommend to peole who wants to do great in class.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry (Review)^2
Desmond F.

A straightforward and clear message of general chemistry concepts. Practice problems and quizzes immediately after learning the content are extremely helpful. The best part about the lectures is that one can learn at their own pace (eg. with various playback speeds). Thank you, Chad!

Great help
Luisa L.

all these lectures have increased my grade in chemistry. The only thing I may suggest is for chem 2 your lectures are based on the piece of paper you have on the wall and I notice it has some important notes. It will be great if we can have those notes as well.

Thank you for saving me from my evil Organic Chemistry professor
Scarlet L.

I spent most of my time during the summer trying to study and cope with my Organic Chemistry professor. He did not bother to even teach, so I decided to go with the textbook that he recommended instead of teaching to the students. I failed the first test, so I thought my life was over. However, I heard from my predental friends that Chad's website can help, so I gave it a try. I really enjoy his course, and his replies from my questions helped a tons!

Yash M.

Some of the video responses are linked to different questions. Other than that this course is amazing!

Life Saver
Logan A.

I stumbled on Chad's videos while taking general chemistry 1 in a very competitive STEM program that was structured as a "flipped classroom". I cried many tears over my grades and over the fact that I was not able to teach myself material that was coming so easily to others. Enter: Chad's Videos. My life, and my grade, will never be the same. Watching Chad's videos reinforced what I had already learned, and also taught me so many clever and helpful tips and ways of remembering crucial and complicated information. I actually have grown to somewhat enjoy chemistry at this point. Nothing but good things to say about this platform. Thank you Chad!

Geremy M.

Great review source

Colton N.

Chad's videos were so much more helpful than I expected. His teaching style works really well for me. I'm extremely grateful I decided to use this for help in my courses.

Gawain K.


Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
jessica s.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review

Simple and effective
Lina L.

outlines the concepts in a very simple manner but points out things that you should be aware of; i feel very prepared!

Great Course
Matthew H.

Explanations are very easy to understand and he is really easy to follow. Sometimes the rationale videos for the quiz's get jumbled up but overall great course.

Chapter 19
Dena P.

Chad's super knowledgable and likes what he does! I really enjoy his videos and way of explaining the topics! Thank You!

Very helpful!
Emma Fraser

I have found Chad's Videos to be incredibly helpful. Chad gets right to the point and is concise in his explanations. He also adds in jokes and tips along the way to help you remember certain concepts. These videos have been a lifesaver!! Thank you Chad!

Kissa B.

This was the best review ever! It was simple to follow and the questions at the end of the chapters are very helpful. Also loved the solution videos!

Simply Amazing
Amy C.

This general chemistry review was the first purchase I had ever made to prepare/review for a course, and I NEVER leave reviews on anything, but I just have to say that this is the best course prep out there! I watch Chad's videos because not only are his analogies hilarious and effective, he gives off the most positive energy and I feel inspired to learn chemistry because of him. Thank you for being such a phenomenal instructor, Chad!

Radha V.

Concepts are built with clarity.

Quick and Concise!

Dive right into the material with no time wasted! Great editing and loved the back stories on the chemists to further explain difficult concepts! MUST HAVE for any Pre-Med, Pre-Den, Pre-Phar students, etc.

Kasey D.

Very helpful for understanding and reviewing basic concepts!

My Rating
Samuel G.

Chad, your course is absolutely amazing! You explain and simplify complex chemistry concepts so well that you honestly make understanding chemistry so easy! Plus your quizzes and chapter tests really help students master the material by making them get lots of repetition. Thank you for making such a great, comprehensive program for students across the country who need a little extra help in general chemistry. However, I wished you supplied practice quizzes and a chapter test for chapter 21 on coordination chemistry. Once you add that this chemistry program will be perfect!!

Chad's Ultimate Gen Chem Review
Matthew J.

This is fantastic! Chad is a great teacher. I learned so much more about chemistry from him than from my professor! Worth every penny of the very inexpensive investment. Highly recommended to everyone!

chad is a boss
Raafia M.

I think i learned more from Chad than i did from my orgo and physics professors combined. Chad, you are a boss!

Thank you
Vivian N.

This course has been nothing but helpful. I am jealous of your students! Great job, Chad!

andrea r.


Terry L.

He's goes straight to the point and funny. There's great practice and examples. U Da Bomb

100% recommend
Brooke T.

very helpful!

Excellent Review of concepts, with examples!
Roxanna P.

I Love watching Chad's videos. His lectures have been instrumental in re-learning chemistry concepts that I've long forgotten! I especially enjoy how he relates the content with realistic scenarios so that I can understand the content better. The quizzes at the end of each section really help cement the content in. It's even more helpful when the explanation, along with a video is provided for each right or wrong answer. I am extremely grateful and thankful that he not only takes the time to make these videos, but he does it in such a way that it's easier to learn and/or recount past teachings. I highly recommend his videos to anyone and everyone needing refresher's for hard chemistry subjects or for those who want to gain a better understanding of content learned. Thank you so much! You're heaven sent!!!

Amazing Prof!!!
Nadine H.

He is very clear, concise, and makes sure to list any possible tricks or exceptions we can run into on an exam. Definitely would recommend!!!!

General Chem
Nikki G.

I've dropped Chemistry 3 times because I just couldn't get it to click. If it wasn't for this course I wouldn't have made it thus far! Over half way through the semester and passing 🙂 Highly recommend it

great review
cynthia g.

I am so glad Chad's videos exist! They are so helpful and he does an extremely amazing job at teaching you everything you need to know to survive general chemistry.

General Chem Review
Nicole R.

Straightforward and easy to use. Great review.

Marissa D.

He makes sure that you learn it from a simple direction to a complex direction. Thanks so much!

Rachel C.

I'm taking this course to prepare for college chemistry this fall, and so far I have found it extremely helpful! Chad is great at explaining things, and the quizzes do a job at testing and reinforcing the material learned through lectures.

Simple but thought provoking!
Jemi P.

The simple straightforward outlines really help focus on whats most important. Also, the quizzes are very helpful when determining what you do or don't yet understand.

Chem Review
xao y.

Great Job. Can't find any complaints.

Great Chemistry Recap Course
Zahir A.

This course was even better than when I "learned" how to do this stuff the first time during undergrad. Chad explains everything so perfectly and I love that he gives us tons of practice problems. This really helped me prepare for my dental school exam because I pretty much forgot everything in general chemistry and organic chemistry. Thanks Chad!

the best help with gen chem and ochem!
Nicole J.

I've been out of school for 4 years and I even used Chad's videos while studying in school but this is the easiest way to learn chemistry!

Olivia K.

Clear explanation and helpful questions! The best chem review course I've ever had.

Chemistry Prep
Marcus T.

I have found this resource to be very insightful! I thought I had a solid understanding of the material, but I noticed quickly that while I may have had a basic understanding, the application process of newly learned information was lacking. I appreciate the after chapter quiz for each concept to help drive home the concepts we've learned. It really helps to solidify my understanding. Practice is key and that has been driven home by your course. One question I have however, is where is chapter 12? I would greatly appreciate an email just in case I need to seek another source for that missing information.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
McEachern F.

This review is broad yet precise, detailed yet concise, and complex yet easy to understand. It takes a quite overwhelming task, that is reviewing a whole year of chemistry, and makes it conquerable. I would highly recommend this course to a wide variety of students. Thank you Chad!

Gen Chem Review
Katha P.

Thank you so much for this course! It is really helping me relearn the course and go through all the little details throughly, everything that didn't make sense before is making sense now!

The best online chemistry review lectures
HaetNim K.

Very clear and thorough outline lectures. Even though these lectures are online, Chad's lectures are super organized and because of his excellent teaching style, lectures are easy to follow and understand. I just wish discussion forum and/or contact e-mail are more active so questions that I have can be answered quickly.

Great Resource
Dana N.

Overall a really good study tool and resource! Chad explains everything clearly and precisely. My only constructive comment would be that some of the calculations given by students are wrong.

Chad is awesome!
Morgan S.

I am studying for an entrance exam for dental school and I have tried other chemistry review videos, but nothing is as good as these! There are also some videos for physical chem and biochem, which I'm taking next semester and I know I am going to need some help. I'm thanking Chad in advance for these.

Emerald S.

Okay so obviously this isn't the best case scenario but I crammed a semesters worth of chemistry in 2 weeks and my final grade was raised a letter grade higher! Chad is really great at explaining things! I will be continuing to use his courses for help with the rest of my chemistry classes!

Bita J.

Honestly, I love this course! It's not my first time seeing this material, so this course very efficiently reminds me of everything I need to know!

The Ultimate General Chemistry Review
Kade G.

Chad is quick to the point and he is very good at explaining things by taking a concept and looking at it from many different directions. I feel like I have learned more from him in a couple weeks than I ever learned in my first college semester in general chemistry.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
gail k.

This is the absolute best chemistry review out there! Chad's explanations are clear and concise. Makes difficult concepts easier to understand.

review the course
Ariana V.

great course helps a lot, makes everything sound so much easier.

Great Resource!
Christine S.

Chad's videos have helped me grasp some challenging chemistry topics in words that I can understand and with relatable analogies. I'm so thankful that a fellow classmate told me about Chad.

Helps you understand your textbook and professor
Megan P.

These lectures help me understand my textbook and professor better. Chad covers every type of problem you could encounter on an exam and makes sure to use the same wording that a professor or textbook would use. This last point about wording is extremely important because certain phrases indicate how you should approach a problem. If you don't know what certain phases mean, then it becomes increasingly difficult to know which equation to use and what exactly you are solving for. So my favorite thing about these lectures is how they address this issue. Additionally, Chad provides a lot of shortcut equations that are really helpful and necessary to know if you want to finish your exam on time.

I understand chemistry now
Catherine R.

My older sister is a middle school English teacher and she was pointing out to me when I was bemoaning not understanding things clearly in lecture that professors are usually hired because they ARE experts in their field and can do the research work necessary for grants, but that doesn't mean they understand how their students think. Excellent teachers understand how their students think and I think this is why Chad is so great at explaining concepts to regular students because he knows how we think and how we will understand certain aspects of chemistry. I just wish I had started watching Chad's videos and subscribed to his course at the beginning of the semester so that I would have understood more of GenChem 2 all along rather than now in the last month of class. I did finally get over an 80% on my most recent exam and I KNOW it's because I had watched Chad's videos on those topics and practiced the problems in his little quizzes and then felt confident to be able to work the practice problems in the textbook. Before I would work the problems in the textbook, get them wrong, and not know where I messed up. Chad's explanations helped me understand what to do to in the first place, and upon review of textbook practice problems I got wrong, see where I had messed up so I wasn't going around and around in circles of not understanding as I previously had.

Randy O.

Extremely helpful. Explanations are very clear. Associating principles with memory triggers very helpful. Testing after each lecture is great.

Great course, very helpful
Em N.

Chad is a great teacher and the course is very helpful with lots of practice questions that gives you the answer immediately afterwards. Best way to study!

Love this course
Taylor C.

Hey Chad! I have benefited so much so far with your general chemistry review. I am using your ultimate subscription bundle to refresh on my gen chem, ochem, and physics for the Optometry Admissions Test. I love the videos, the handouts that allow you to follow along, and the quizzes, which all help me to make sure I'm understanding everything and am getting it all. I am visual, so the videos are a huge help to be able to see you while I'm listening and following along on the handouts. The course is very reasonably priced, as well! Keep on doing what you're doing, you rock!

tina g.

I've taken Gen chem years ago and forgotten almost everything but chad's videos has helped me so much, now I know the materials even better than the first when I learned them! the way he explains things makes it so easy to understand and learn! Definitely buy the subscription as it comes with quizzes which are so helpful to fully grasp the material! Thank you Chad, you are amazing!

Anastasia S.

Chad is the best!!!

Chad's Gen Chem Review
Gavriel G.

Chad provides an absolutely thorough, lucid explanation of the topics in Gen Chem in a way that makes it fun to learn and easy to follow. I wish all teachers taught this effectively.

Great work!
Bobby K.

As a student who lacks crystallized intelligence and the ability to cram and regurgitate, Chad has done wonders through his in-depth, yet simple, explanations and his comprehensive questions. I appreciate your effort in helping those in need. Thank you so much!

Very beneficial
doaa e.

Thanks for the greatest affordable course. It’s a great aid by all means. I finally understood Gen. chemistry

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review Is Fantastic
Bhanu W.

I have looked at many review sources for chemistry over the last 4 years, Khan Academy, Crash Course, the Princeton Review, and Barron's to name but a few. Yet, none has been as helpful or as well thought-out as the one on chemistry prep. These review videos are, quite simply, masterpieces. I can guarantee that they will be of help to anyone serious about learning chemistry. Well worth the price.

No need to say

If I would have had to pay hundred bucks,200, 300 ( you name it) for Chad's video, I still would take it. First of all, Chad is a great teacher. He actually helps you understand why it is the way it is. Because of this, there were not many things that I had to commit so much time to memorize. Secondly, videos are free. And videos accompanied with the quizzes and tests do not cost that much. It is definitely worth it. Regardless of how much it would cost, his contents and his teachings are great.

Great Study and Review Resource!
Mia M.

Chad's videos are extremely succinct and helpful to learn and review information. The combination of videos and quizzes really helps to solidify the information. I would highly recommend Chad's videos to anyone taking a chemistry course!

Justin J.

Excellent teacher; covers all the concepts in a succinct, yet informative manner. You can definitely tell that he's passionate about teaching. Makes great analogies from time to time as well! It was a fantastic review for standardized exams (and definitely for class if you're taking a chem course).

Chad, My Saving Grace
Travis T.

My professor was lacking quite a bit. The lectures were long and contained only about 20% useful information. I quickly realized that I would need to find an alternative. Many people share my plight and my lecture hall is virtually empty. instead, most people watch chad's videos. Ask any Chm 114 student at ASU how they get information and roughly 70% will say chads videos. It is so common that just meeting another engineer it is generally a safe bet that they have heard about chads videos. It is the only way I and other survivors. I watch each video multiple times throughout the testing period to stay refreshed with the concepts and to learn new ones. I love how well thought out chad's lectures are. They are clearly not just him ranting randomly in front of a class. Every point he introduces serves a point to introduce a new idea or concept. His examples show a careful attention to certain nuances and it shows he clearly put some thought into everything he says. Though most people already know about Chad's videos I literally cannot recommend him more. (ps. i just upgraded to premium and it was a great choice.)

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review REVIEW
Natalie B.

This course has been so helpful in reviewing for an upcoming admissions test! It had been years since I had taken general chemistry and Chad's videos and practice problems were a life saver! I am so thankful for the free content and the monthly subscription was affordable enough to further my study. I really enjoyed the course and the videos working through each problem were amazing additions! The only thing that I think would benefit the course more was if there were additional practice problems!

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
Shobhit A.

Chad's videos are very straight to the point. He uses some interesting analogies that make remembering concepts a little earlier. The practice questions are a cherry on top. The only thing that would be a little more helpful is if he slows down a little. Other than than, they're very helpful.

yahya s.

Best thing that ever happen to me is finding Chad

Gen Chem
Nacia R.

I really love how simple you make Chem look after years of not using it. I find the test are helpful in reinforcing what was shown. There are a few mistakes scattered throughout the quizzes.

Thanks Chad!
Sydney F.

I wish you had been my professor when I actually took this course. You are the best! I bought the monthly access to Gen Chem and Organic Chem and I am so so so happy I did! Extremely helpful, plenty of questions to review immediately after learning about a topic. Would recommend to everyone who wants to have fun while learning chemistry 🙂

Amazing Chemistry Review
Perry W.

Thanks a ton Chad, always appreciated!

Always Recommend
Rebeca A.

Best supplement for my Gen Chem classes, so far. I've used the textbook and professor lectures for studying, but Chad's straight-forward nature helps with more efficiently learning challenging content. Recommend to all my friends.

Matthew H.

So far it has been the single best chemistry learning tool I have ever used

Love this Course
Justin A.

After not looking at chem for a few years now this course is concise, easy to use and EXREMELY helpful! I could freaking kiss Chad. You're the man!!

Chad puts your chemistry worries to rest!
Flaviona B.

Chad's tricks and explanations to chemistry made me wish he was around when I first took it years ago. I would have aced those classes without stressing as much as I did. If you come across his review videos when you're having a hard time, watch them! His videos are the best resource you'll find for chemistry!

Goun B.

You are the best! Thanks so much for your teaching!

Christian R.

Chad's GenChem is the concise and easy to understand. He is a natural educator and a master at every topic he teaches. Worth the money.

Better than my original chemistry class!
Nick D.

I feel like I have learned more from this review course than my initial chemistry course. I can go at my own pace, pause, and rewind as needed. Chad explains things so well and is not more complicated than needed. I would recommend this to anyone taking a chemistry class or reviewing for a post grad entrance exam!

Jeff P.

Excellent course!!!!

Gen Chem Review
Vivian L.

The content I previously thought to be too much to grasp and try to understand is now so clear!! I love that I'm able to control the speed at the bottom too. Keep it up 🙂

Amazing Professor!!!
lazaro s.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you!
Jacqueline H.

Thank you for creating these videos for such a fair price! They have helped me tremendously. You've made learning chemistry much easier than some of my professors.

Chad's Ultimate General Chemistry Review
Ryan K.

The course was great and very easy to understand and follow. I also LOVE that there were questions at the end and in between videos for each chapter. However, the one thing that I found annoying was that at times there would be questions for topics that weren't reviewed yet. The topics were however in the next chapter. Thank you for everything.

Zeerak K.

S/o to this guy for making me jump percentiles you the man

Chad's GC Review
David S.

Absolutely phenomenal review course.

Love Chad's video's
Katrina D.

When I took General Chemistry 2 the teacher was brilliant but had no understanding on how to relate the information to a student. After 16 weeks in his class I hadn't learned a thing. Chad is able to explain the material on a student level, not a Phd level, and makes the material enjoyable.

Bashar A.

Excellent content.

Excellent Tutorial in the methods of problem Solving
Ronita W.

The material provides a good practice for problem solving. Just enough information to introduce the topics, and just enough, 'plug and chug', to let it start to sink into your brain. If it has been awhile since you have taken a chemistry course, give this a try.

Awesome Study Help Resource!
Heyde M.

This review videos are synchronized with the lectures and were a great source of learning. Sometimes was difficult to follow the professor during lectures, but Chad's review makes the most dreadful topics seem easy and fun.

Truly helped me with chm113
Tiauna D.

When I found this amazing resource that further breaks down the Chem material I couldn't stop watching the videos. This site has completely gave me a more in depth understanding of Chem 113 and I look forward to using it in Chem 116.

Best Chemistry teacher
chris d.

I have an A+ in general chemistry 1 because of Chad. He explains every concept so efficiently and in a quarter amount of time.

CHM 114
Sarah Z.

These videos and quizzes are amazing! They help so much.

General chemistry
mona j.

I was only able to watch a few of the videos but I thought that these videos were very helpful. At first I didn't know how it works but at the end I figure most of it out. One thing I realized was that my quiz results were not saved so I can go back and see what I did wrong. I also wanted to make a suggestion, if there is a way to add a feature that allows the student to mark a video or quiz as important, in order to easily find it later to watch it or take a quiz again. Thank you

Mahesh T.

Tribute my As in organic chemistry because of CHAD

Orgo with Chad
James M.

Well condensed, thorough, and very helpful. Thanks Chad, for your awesome videos!

awesome videos
Sarah C.


great job!
Bowen X.

the videos explain the concepts clean and clear. I am using it before my test, and you do help a lot to quickly acquire the key points of each chapter.

orgs review
Agatha S.

These videos are amazing! Everything is so straightforward and clear. You explain everything so well. Thank you for all your help!

O Chem Final Test Review
Colbi S.

Hello! I am a student at Virginia Tech struggling in O chem and my tutor suggested these videos! I am not preparing for my final and they have benefitted me greatly! Such a great resource! I will definitely be checking out your videos for other courses for the future! More understandable than Khan Academy! Khan uses easier examples where you provide a basic understanding and then go into harder material!

ghazel g.

Chad you really saved me in Orgo Chem!

Why I went from a C to an A
Shireen S.

Seriously, this man is a godsend. I didn't understand much of anything my professor was saying, until my friend told me to check out Chad's videos. I finally got a 94 on my exam (which is the first time I've ever gotten above a 90 on a chemistry or orgo exam). I am very thankful. Please keep up the good work!!!

extremely helpful
zimzim m.

I come here before i read the book chapter for o-chem, and it really helps me follow the material in the book well when i have this prior information in my head already. It also helps me prep for lecture! THANK YOU!

Organic Chemistry
Melodie P.

Chad's videos are amazing! Literally what I contribute to passing organic 2 ( I didn't know about them in organic 1) He makes it make so much sense which my teacher fails miserably at doing. Don't know what I would do without Chad!

Alejandra M.

Chad has helped me understand organic chemistry like no one has been able to, very thankful for his services!

Great Fundmental Lectures!!
Habin P.

I have been using Chad's teaching for years since I was an undergraduate student. No hesitation needed to begin to study with him.

Chad is a Life Saver
Andrew W.

Only reason im passing Organic Chemistry. Incredible.

Professor Chad ROCKS !
Behnaz N.

Excellent professor who knows what he is talking about AND is able to instill his knowledge into students in an efficient way. One professor who can make learning science be actually enjoyable not a torture 🙂

Awesome video series!
Naira A.

I don't have a great professor for organic chemistry and these videos saved my life. I would like it if they followed the curriculum more closely though. My textbook has a chapter on an intro to reactions and radicals, and all I could find was one video on it. I recommend that Chad upload more videos! The ones that are here are very specific, and helpful only if you've done the reading beforehand, and have a general idea of what the section covers. They are not that introductory, but are great enough for learning the subject for the first time.

Fatima K.

 I was recommended this course by a friend today. Informative and engaging! Great way to clear some concepts up + review. GREAT JOB THANK YOU WOOOOOOOOO

Noor R.

The way you explain things are so clear and helps so much! If I watch your videos after my regular professors lecture I can finally understand what she was saying in the notes. I've tried the textbook in the beginning of the semester but I quickly realized my professor recites the book almost verbatim which makes it difficult to digest the material. Because of your lectures so far I still have an A in the class which is amazing considering how much I struggled in gen chem.

jasmine k.

You save my life before exams!!!! Thank you so much Chad!!!!

chapter 5
shireen d.

rellay learned and undertood up to pat 3 but after that got a little lost would be helpful if you did more examples

Bela P.

Chad, you are literally the best orgo teacher. Because of these videos, I am doing well in my orgo class and because of you, I got an A in my gen chem 2 course. I wouldn't have passed gen chem if these videos did not exist. Thank you for putting in time and effort into these videos because they are my lifesaver!

Thank you so much!
Samantha Y.

My Organic professor teaches in a style that does not adhere to my need so i just watch your videos. They have been really helpful for me, and have allowed me to do tremendously better in this course

Excellent Prof !!!
Tammam N.

You are great Chad !!! Keep doing what you are doing. Sincerely.

Awesome Videos
Aarij A.

The way he breaks everything downs makes learning Orgo easy for even those who have never been comfortable with chemistry!

Stereoisomers chapter 5
Katie A.

I like how you use multiple examples to show different situations and use comparisons that are related to real life. These videos are a great extra help tool in addition to University lectures to help understand at a slower pace and better to comprehend.

Thank you so much, you really understand the material
Beyonce a.

I like this professor because he is different from my professor. My professors don't explain the reason behind concepts and just give it to the student, but Chad explains everything including why there are exceptions and all. Makes understanding concepts easy. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher!

Simply the best
bryson b.

Chad is an excellent, natural teacher and that's obvious immediately. His courses are thorough and laid out in an intuitive way that allows the material to build on itself. These videos and study guides are the most useful tools available to students.

Thank you Chad!
Shaghayegh S.

By far, the best, the most helpful, and the most affordable Organic Chemistry source available to students and whoever wishes to learn OCHEM with ease. Chad, I cannot thank you enough for preparing these amazing videos and making them available to everyone. You are a blessing, and just saying thank you will never repay your kindness.

Monica N.

Super helpful and straight to the point, easy to understand. Thank you Chad!

I love you so much Chad!!
Nghi N.

Honestly, I love this course so much! His explanation is so easy to understand! The examples are great! I highly recommend watching these videos in order to get some of the basis concepts of organic chemistry. Then practice always help!!

Organic Chemistry
Melissa T.

AWESOME!! I have been helped so much by Chad’s Videos. My teacher sometimes has a hard time explaining the concepts well, but Chad makes them so easy to understand!

lynnette t.

Chad's Videos are amazing! Has helped me understand concepts easily and efficiently.

Molecular structure
Stacia B.

Two weeks of confusion in Orgo class and then one 20 minute video from Chad and the lightbulb goes off!!! With one week left till my first Orgo exam... I love you Chad! I should have watched you sooner. Btw, I used you to study for my Gen Chem cumulative final (which was based on the ACS exam) and scored 203 out of a 200 point exam!

Emma P.

Phenomenal review course; he's amazing!!

Chiral/Achiral Molecules
Khawla A.

After taking organic chemistry at my university and constantly being lost, I am now able to watch a few videos that will leave me with a clear understanding of these topics!

loved it !
ann d.

super informative and attention-keeping

Thank you!
Carrie W.

GOD BLESS THIS MAN. Thank you for these videos.

Annie W.

Very helpful and thorough review for me

Great Review
minh t.

I love the personification of all the compounds. It's a great way to make O-chem fun and easy to remember. Don't worry about being a chem pervert. LOL. My organic chem professor used to call nucleophile, male and electrophile, female. I remembered that because I actually wrote it down on my note as such. LOL. In a way, I see the recurring themes in O-chem instructors. Please never stop doing it. Otherwise, it would be the most unbearably boring thing in the world.

la a.

Awesome videos, only wish I could speed up the videos but excellent content

Gerald W.

Chad breaks down the information so well that i am never confused. Thank You Chad!

Great Teacher 🙂
Lina K.

One of the best Chem. videos out there and so easy to follow along!

Sheld'onia E.

Very informative and keeps the lessons interesting. Uses relatable topics to help explain the tougher subject areas. Highly recommend the course if you need help!