7.7 Distinguishing Between SN1/SN2/E1/E2

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SN2 E2 SN1 E1
Substrate CH3 > 1o > 2o 3o > 2o > 1o 3o > 2o 3o > 2o
Nucleophile/Base strong nuc strong base weak nuc weak base
Solvent polar aprotic polar aprotic* polar protic polar protic
Leaving Group good good good good

*E2 reactions are slower in polar protic solvents than polar aprotic solvents but still work well in either.

Substitution / Elimination Map

substitution elimination 1
substitution elimination 2

Predict the products for the following reactions.

product reaction 1
product reaction 2
product reaction 3
product reaction 4
product reaction 5