6.3 The Kinetics of Organic Reactions

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    Rate Laws

    rate laws
    rate law examples

    Reactant orders are often integers and often correlate with how many molecules are involved in the slow step.

    Rate Constants

    -Rate constants are greater at higher temperatures.

    -Rate constants are greater with a lower activation energy (like when a catalyst is present).

    kinetics reaction coordinate diagram

    Hammond Postulate

    The transition state resembles both the reactant and product of the step but resembles more whichever is closer in energy.

    hammond postulate transition state
    hammond postulate 2


    Speeds up a reaction (in both directions)
    Lowers the activation energy (in both directions)
    Increases the rate constant (in both directions)
    Provides an alternate mechanism (pathway) for the reaction
    Is NOT consumed in a reaction
    Does not shift the equilibrium
    Catalyst energy diagram