10.1 Free Radical Halogenation

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    Free Radical Halogenation Reactions

    1) Cl2 / hν

    - not very selective

    free radical halogenation 01

    2) Br2 / hν

    - highly selective

    free radical halogenation 02

    3) NBS / hν

    - allylic/benzylic bromination

    free radical halogenation 03

    Selectivity and Stability of Radicals (Chlorination vs. Bromination)

    free radical halogenation 04
    Selectivity by Substitution
    Chlorination 5 3.6 1
    Bromination 1600 99 1

    How many monochlorination products are possible (including stereoisomers) for the following reaction?  (Answered in the video lesson)

    free radical halogenation 05