7.6 E1 Reactions and E1 vs E2

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    E1 reactions – Elimination Unimolecular

    e1 reactions

    Rate = k[substrate]

    Always forms the most substituted double bond (Zaitsev Product)

    Favored (over SN1) by heat due to entropy

    E1 vs E2 - Predicting the Products of Elimination Reactions

    E2 E1
    Substrate 3o > 2o> 1o 3o > 2o
    Base strong required weak is ok
    Solvent polar aprotic (preferred*) polar protic
    Leaving Group OTs- > I- > Br- > Cl- >> F- OTs- > I- > Br- > Cl- >> F-
    Rearrangements Not possible Possible
    Stereochemistry Anti-periplanar None

    Predict the major elimination product(s) in the following reactions:

    elimination product 1
    elimination product 2