20.12 Retrosynthesis with Carboxylic Acids / Acid Derivatives

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    Synthesis and Reactions of Acid Halides

    synthesis and reactions of acid chlorides

    Synthesis and Reactions of Acid Anhydrides

    synthesis and reactions of acid anhydrides

    Synthesis of Esters

    synthesis of esters 01

    Reactions of Esters

    reactions of esters 01

    Synthesis and Reactions of Carboxylic Acids

    synthesis and reactions of caroxylic acids

    Synthesis and Reactions of Amides

    synthesis and reactions of amides

    Synthesis and Reactions of Nitriles

    synthesis and reactions of nitriles

    Retrosynthesis with Amines Example Problems

    Show the reagents necessary to carry out the following syntheses.

    (These are the examples worked out in the video lesson.)

    retrosynthesis with amines example 01
    retrosynthesis with amines example 02
    retrosynthesis with amines example 03
    retrosynthesis with amines example 04