6.1 Reaction Enthalpy and Bond Dissociation Energy

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    Enthalpy Changes (ΔH)

    Endothermic (ΔH > 0) vs Exothermic (ΔH < 0)


    Bond Dissociation Energy (a.k.a. Bond Enthalpy)

    Bond breaking is endothermic. Bond making is exothermic.

    homolytic cleavage
    bond dissociation energy trends

    ΔHrxn = ΣDreactants - ΣDproducts = ΣDbroken - ΣDformed

    Calculate ΔH for the following reaction.

    Bond Enthalpies
    C-H 413kJ / mol
    C-Br 276kJ / mol
    Br-Br 193kJ / mol
    H-Br 366kJ / mol