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Onalee S.

I learned more from watching Chad's videos and doing his review quizzes than I ever have from other review sites/ books. He explains things in such a way that they just "click."

This course is an epitome of excellence.

Kyle B.

I have been using Chad Videos for over a year and they are spectacular when it comes to understanding mechanisms and IUPAC. The videos are coherent, and concise.

An Answer to my prayers...

Ursula H.

Chad is the best instructor! As a non-traditional student I love this course! He helps me understand in a way that the university professors could never! These courses are truly an answer to my prayers! Chad is awesome!

Organic Chemistry

Andreea N.

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you, Chad! You are amazing, you make organic chemistry easier and enjoyable! You are a life saver!!! Words can`t describe how grateful I am for you! God bless you!!


Aida R.

I owe it all to you Chad! the material is explained so so well! I love watching these videos before going to lecture as well as watching them to clear up a lot of the concepts covered in the textbook assigned to me.

Chad is saving my chem courses!

Tabby S.

I just want to say thank you, because this course is the only thing that I needed for my ochem course!

The best preparation course

Amy A.

I think he is the best aspect of the course. The lectures were well-organized and clearly presented. Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry course is the most necessary and beneficial to students who wants to do well in the subject of Organic Chemistry.

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Course Content

Summary of Organic Reactions

Table of Contents
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    SN1, SN2, E1, and E2 Reactions

    SN1 SN2 E1 E2

    Alkene Addition Reactions Guide

    Alkene Addition Reactions

    Alkene Reactions

    Alkene Reactions

    Alkyne Reactions

    Alkyne Reactions

    Radical Reactions

    radical reactions

    Alcohol Reactions

    Alcohol Reactions

    Ether Reactions

    Ether Reactions

    Epoxide Reactions

    Epoxide Reactions

    Thiol and Sulfide Reactions

    Thiol and Sulfide Reactions

    Reactions of Aromatic Compounds

    Reactions of Aromatic Compounds

    Aldehyde and Ketone Reactions

    Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones

    Hydride Reduction Reactions

    Hydride Reduction Reactions

    Organometallic Reactions

    Reactions of Organometallics

    Interconversion of Carboxylic Acids and Acid Derivatives

    Carboxylic Acids and Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

    Acyl Halide Reactions

    Reactions of Acyl Halides

    Acid Anhydride Reactions

    Reactions of Acid Anhydrides

    Ester Reactions

    Reactions of Esters

    Carboxylic Acid Reactions

    Carboyxylic Acid Reactions

    Amide Reactions

    Amide Reactions

    Nitrile Reactions

    Reactions of Nitriles

    Enol and Enolate Reactions (Alpha Substitution Reactions)

    Alpha Substitution Reactions

    Amine Reactions

    Reactions of Amines