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Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry Course

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  • Comprehensive Video Lectures
  • Covers 22 Chapters
  • Expanded Outlines (168 pages)
  • 60 Practice Quizzes
  • Video Quiz Solutions
  • 3 Practice Final Exams
  • Over 750 Practice Questions
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Onalee S.

I learned more from watching Chad's videos and doing his review quizzes than I ever have from other review sites/ books. He explains things in such a way that they just "click."

This course is an epitome of excellence.

Kyle B.

I have been using Chad Videos for over a year and they are spectacular when it comes to understanding mechanisms and IUPAC. The videos are coherent, and concise.

It was the best!

Samuel G.

Chad's Organic Chemistry Review is absolutely the best!! Chad explains complex topics very clearly and concisely and he's honestly the best teacher ever!! His study guides for reactions are really clear and his slides help you follow along, take notes, and learn while watching the videos. I would never have done well on any Orgo test without him teaching me the material, because he is a so much better teacher than my college professors! Plus I love his quizzes which help you further master the material! Chad the only request I have if for you to please have quizzes in your Biochemistry course when I take Biochem next year!

An Answer to my prayers...

Ursula H.

Chad is the best instructor! As a non-traditional student I love this course! He helps me understand in a way that the university professors could never! These courses are truly an answer to my prayers! Chad is awesome!

Organic Chemistry

Andreea N.

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you, Chad! You are amazing, you make organic chemistry easier and enjoyable! You are a life saver!!! Words can`t describe how grateful I am for you! God bless you!!


Husban S.

Hey guys, so I found out about chad a few years ago when i was in high school and trying to get ahead. I used his videos for him to explain concepts and problems i could never understand in class. Now I am currently taking Organic chemistry and I havent been to class in over a month or two and only watch Chads videos and i still get almost perfect scores on the test. Chad is great. USE his videos and take notes.


Aida R.

I owe it all to you Chad! the material is explained so so well! I love watching these videos before going to lecture as well as watching them to clear up a lot of the concepts covered in the textbook assigned to me.

Helped me pass Chemistry

Clark W.

Chad is by far the best teacher I've met for Chemistry. He takes complicated material and explains them in funny and simple ways so that they can be easily understood. In Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry Review it's nicely set up so that you can pick the area that you may be struggling with and watch awesome videos that clearly explain and teach the material better than any teacher I've ever had could. After the videos there are helpful quizzes for practice with explanations for why the correct answer is what it is. If you need help in just about any portion of Chemistry, there is no better choice than Chad.

Chad is saving my chem courses!

Tabby S.

I just want to say thank you, because this course is the only thing that I needed for my ochem course!

The best preparation course

Amy A.

I think he is the best aspect of the course. The lectures were well-organized and clearly presented. Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry course is the most necessary and beneficial to students who wants to do well in the subject of Organic Chemistry.

Summary of Organic Reactions