15.3 Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear reactions release a LARGE amount of energy as mass is converted to energy.

Mass Defect (Δm)

The difference in mass between the products and reactants of a nuclear reaction
(the products will always weigh less — the mass lost is converted to energy)

E = Δmc2

Δm, the mass defect, must be in kg (1amu = 1.67 × 10-27kg)
c = 3.0 × 108m/s (speed of light)

nuclear energy 01

Calculate the amount of energy released for the nuclear fission of one uranium-235 atom.

Isotope/Particle Mass
particle 01 235.04393amu
particle 02 1.00866amu
particle 03 141.91643amu
particle 04 90.92345amu