15.1 Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry

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Particle/Ray Symbol Mass Charge
Alpha particle alpha particle 01 4.00151amu +2 penetrating power
Neutron neutron 01 1.00866amu 0
Proton proton 01 1.00728amu +1
Beta Particle beta particle 01 0.00015amu -1
Positron positron 01 0.00015amu +1
Gamma Ray gamma ray 01 0 0

The Nucleus

Nuclear Structure – protons and neutrons

Atomic Number – number of protons or charge

Atomic Weight vs Mass Number

Isotopes – same element but different mass number

Strong Nuclear Force – binds protons and neutrons together

mass and atomic numbers

Balancing Nuclear Reactions

The total mass number and atomic number (i.e. charge) must be equal on both sides of the reaction arrow.

balancing nuclear reactions 01
balancing nuclear reactions 02