6.2 Calorimetry

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    q = CΔT              C = heat capacity              ΔT = Tf - Ti



    If an object absorbs 1000J of heat and its temperature increases 5 degrees, what is its heat capacity?

    Heating Curve

    heating curve

    q = mcΔT              m = mass              c = specific heat               ΔT = Tf - Ti

    ΔH°fus = heat of fusion (melting)

    ΔH°vap = heat of vaporization (boiling)

    Calorimetry Problems

    How much heat would be required to raise 90g of ice at -20°C to 30°C?

    Thermodyanmic Data for H2O
    c,ice 2.03 J/g•ºC
    c,liquid water 4.18 J/g•ºC
    c,ice 2.01 J/g•ºC
    ΔHºfus 6.01kJ/mol
    ΔHºvap 40.65kJ/mol