2.4 Units and Conversions

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    The Metric System and SI Units

    SI Units
    Length m meter
    Mass kg kilogram
    Time s second
    Temperature K Kelvin (K = oC + 273)
    Amount of substance mole mole
    Electric Current A Ampere (Amp)
    Luminous intensity cd candela
    Derived Units
    Volume m3 cubic meter
    Energy / work J Joule
    Pressure Pa Pascal
    Metric Prefixes
    Peta 1015
    Terra 1012
    Giga 109
    Mega 106
    kilo 103
    centi 10-2
    milli 10-3
    μicro 10-6
    nano 10-9
    pico 10-12
    femto 10-15
    atto 10-18

    (All the conversions below are the examples covered in the video lesson at the top of the page.)


    Convert 84 inches to feet


    Convert 1500m to km


    Convert 0.34km to mm

    Convert 2.5 feet to inches


    Convert 32.1km to m


    Convert 0.245 L to mL

    Area and Volume

    Convert 1200cm2 to m2

    Convert 1200cm3 to m3

    Conversions Involving U.S. and Metric Units

    Convert 0.75 ft to cm (1 in = 2.54 cm)



    Convert 55 kilometers per hour to meters per second

    Density Calculations (d = m/v)

    A cube with 2.00cm edges weighs 10.0 grams. What is its density? How much would a cube of the same substance with 5.00cm edges weigh?