10.1 Temperature and Thermal Expansion

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Temperature and Thermal Expansion

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics If A is in thermal equilibrium with B, and B is in thermal equilibrium with C, then A is in thermal equilibrium with C. Two objects in thermal equilibrium with each other are at the same temperature.
K to °C TC = TK - 273.15
°C to K TK = TC - 273.15
°C to °F TF = 9/5 TC + 32
°F to °C TC = 5/9 (TF - 32)
Thermal Expansion ΔL = αL0ΔT              α = coefficient of linear expansion
Thermal Expansion ΔA = ɣA0ΔT              ɣ = 2α = coefficient of area expansion
Thermal Expansion ΔV = βV0ΔT              β = 3α = coefficient of volume expansion