9.4 Elasticity of Solids

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Elasticity of Solids

Stress = (Elastic Modulus) × (Strain)

Stress - Force per unit area

Strain - Measure of Deformation

Elastic Modulus – Proportionality constant; Stress is proportional to strain

Stress Modulus Strain
Stretching / Compression F / A = Y
ΔL / L0
Shear Deformation F / A = S
Δx / h
Volume Deformation ΔP = -B
ΔV / V0

Stretching / Compression

F/A = Y ΔL / L

Ultimate Strength - largest force that can be applied before an object breaks

Breaking Point - the point at which the object breaks
- just beyond the ultimate strength for a brittle material

Shear Deformation

F/A = S Δx / h

A component of the force is parallel to one of
the object’s faces.

9.4 shear deformation

Volume Deformation

ΔP = -B ΔV / V0