15.1 Charge, Conductors, and Insulators

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Charge, Insulators, and Conductors

Charge • Unlike charges attract
• Like charges repel
• The SI unit of charge is the Coulomb (C)
• Fundamental charge: e = 1.602×10-19C
• Protons have a charge of +e
• Electrons have a charge of -e
• Charge is conserved
Conductor A material that allows electric charges to move freely in response to an electric force.
Insulator Any material that is not a conductor.

Charging by Conduction – transfer of electrons when two objects are brought into contact

Charging by Induction – charging of a grounded object when a charged object is brought near it followed by removal of the grounding wire.

Grounded – When an object is in contact with the earth which acts as an infinite reservoir of electrons, it is referred to as grounded.