9.3 Fluid Dynamics

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Fluid Dynamics

Laminar Flow
(Streamline Flow)
Steady fluid flow characterized by fluid particles traveling along regular paths called streamlines which do not cross.
Turbulent Flow Irregular fluid flow characterized by eddy currents that often occurs at high velocities and/or with rapidly changing velocity.
Ideal Fluid Non-viscous, incompressible, fluid undergoing steady flow without turbulence.
Poiseuille’s Law
(Viscous Flow)
Flow Rate = ΔV / Δt = πR4ΔP / 8ηL               η = coefficient of viscosity
Flow Rate F = Av              A = cross sectional area              v = velocity
Equation of Continuity A1 v1 = A2 v2
Bernoulli’s Equation P1 + ½ ρv1 2 + ρgy1 = P2 + ½ ρv2 2 + ρgy2
Venturi Effect There is a reduction in pressure as a fluid flows through a constricted region of a pipe.