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1 Full Year of General Physics (Algebra-based)

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So helpful to understand concepts!

Regan H.

Chad's videos have really helped me understand physics concepts. Chad explains concepts in a clear and engaging manner. He makes learning physics bearable! I really appreciate your videos Chad. Thank you!

Best way to study Physics!

Jumee P.

I've been using chad's videos (including general chem, orgo for ACS, and biochemistry), and those videos are saving my life!

Chad's Ultimate General Physics Review


I really like this course so far! The videos really allow me to learn at my own pace, and the practice problems relate pretty well to the videos. The explanations to the quiz problems are also clear. I also like how fast the feedback is with discussion questions. I do wish the numbers in quiz problems changed values a little between retakes, because sometimes I'm not sure if I'm understanding the problem better or just memorizing the answer. Overall, a great learning resource.

Helped me ace university physics

Dennis G.

Chad does a great job on making you understand all concepts especially with his use of various examples. His explanations are short and to the point which is why I enjoy his teaching methods.

Excellent videos

Lucas S.

Chad is wonderful at simplifying the material in a way that is easy to digest. You are the man Chad!

Chad has saved my life

Kaleen K.

i hope chad never stops his videos because i don't think i can make it to medical school without him! thank you so much! you have truly made the journey to medical school a bit easier.

Great Course! Better than University Lectures

Maya C.

Chad's videos are amazing and walk through material fluidly, interconnecting different concepts to increase your understanding.

Chad for the win

Shad M.

Chad's videos saved my grade in general college physics! My professor at school was super hard to follow. So along with going to class I watched these videos for each chapter. Chad explains the concepts in a way that I understand. He also works through sample problems for each section of each chapter which is super helpful. I definitely recommend using his videos to study.

Awesome videos!

Alyssa N.

I have done chads videos for general chemistry, organic chemistry and now physics. It has been a huge help in getting a little extra help in understanding the material! Thanks Chad I recommend your videos to everyone!

Great help!


Thank you Chad for these easy to follow and well explained videos. I only went through the first 5 chapters but it has been amazing so far. Explanations have been concise making sure the videos aren't too long so it is easy to keep focused

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