6.1 Nature of Light and the Photoelectric Effect

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Electromagnetic Radiation

Wavelength, Frequency, and Energy of Photons
λν = c λ = wavelength ν = frequency c = 3.0×108m/s
speed of light
Ephoton = hν h = 6.626×10-34J•s
(Planck’s constant)
ν = frequency
Ephoton = hc / λ h = 6.626×10-34J•s
(Planck’s constant)
λ = wavelength c = 3.0×108m/s
speed of light

What is the frequency and energy of a photon of wavelength 400nm?

electromagnetic spectrum

Photoelectric Effect

K.E.electron = Ephoton - ɸ
ɸ = work function i.e. the minimum energy to ionize an electron
1 ejected electron per photon (if it is above the threshold)

photoelectric effect