2.2 Naming Ionic Compounds

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Naming Ionic Compounds

1. Name the cation (metal or polyatomic cation).

2. State the metal’s oxidation state as a roman numeral in parenthesis.

    (except Group I/II metals, Al3+, Zn2+, Cd2+, Ag+)

3. Name the non-metal with an -ide ending (or name the polyatomic anion).

Polyatomic Ions

SO42- sulfate
SO32- sulfite
NO3- nitrate
NO2- nitrite
PO43- phosphate
CO32- carbonate
HCO3- bicarbonate
OH- hydroxide
MnO4- permanganate
CrO42- chromate
Cr2O72- dichromate
NH4+ ammonium
CN- cyanide

ClO- hypochlorite
ClO2- chlorite
ClO3- chlorate
ClO4- perchlorate

(for Br and I also)