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Matter Vocabulary

Element - a substance that can't be broken down into a simpler substance

Ex) Na, Si, H2,, S8


Compound - a substance composed of more than one element

Ex) CO2, NaCl, NaHCO3


Pure Substance - any single element or any single compound


Mixture - A combination of more than one substance (element and/or compound)


Homogeneous Mixture - A mixture with uniform composition

Ex) Air, salt water (unsaturated solution)


Heterogeneous Mixture - A mixture lacking uniform composition

Ex) Paint, oil/vinegar salad dressing


Chemical Change - a change that involves the conversion of at least one substance into a different substance


Physical Change - a change in which no substances are converted into different substances


Intensive Property - -A property independent of sample size

Ex) Melting point, boiling point, density


Extensive Property - A property dependent upon sample size

Ex) Mass, volume


Precision - Of or relating to how close multiple measurements of the same value are to each other (independent of how close they are to the true value)


Accuracy - The degree to which a measurement corresponds to the ‘true’ value.