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What Students are Saying...

Life Saver

Logan A.

I stumbled on Chad's videos while taking general chemistry 1 in a very competitive STEM program that was structured as a "flipped classroom". I cried many tears over my grades and over the fact that I was not able to teach myself material that was coming so easily to others. Enter: Chad's Videos. My life, and my grade, will never be the same. Watching Chad's videos reinforced what I had already learned, and also taught me so many clever and helpful tips and ways of remembering crucial and complicated information. I actually have grown to somewhat enjoy chemistry at this point. Nothing but good things to say about this platform. Thank you Chad!

You have to do this!

Jackie E.

Chad's videos have helped me so much during my Chem 2 course. It's been a few years since I have taken chem 1 and I don't remember anything. Watching these videos before class and following along in class has improved my understanding tremendously. I love that I can always go back and review however many times that I need before a test or even before the final. Thank you Chad!!

The best Chem/Physics videos on the internet

Eyad H.

I watched Chad's videos while taking my Physics courses and he was a huge help! Currently using his videos for my General Chemistry course and could not expect anything better. I've used many different online video resources and Chad's videos are consistently the gold standard for online video explanations. The best part is that they're free and I'm definitely planning to continue using in the future and will buy the packages because his work is worth supporting. The benefit you get is very much worth it. Thanks Chad!!


Colton N.

Chad's videos were so much more helpful than I expected. His teaching style works really well for me. I'm extremely grateful I decided to use this for help in my courses.

Very helpful!

Emma F.

I have found Chad's Videos to be incredibly helpful. Chad gets right to the point and is concise in his explanations. He also adds in jokes and tips along the way to help you remember certain concepts. These videos have been a lifesaver!! Thank you Chad!

Review of Chad's Videos

Shannon Y.

For me, these chemistry videos gave me the confidence and joy in learning chemistry for the first time. Chemistry was always that subject that I just kind of dodged. Somehow I was never able to understand the chemistry taught to me in high school and college four years ago. I got so frustrated with just memorizing things and not understand a single thing about what was actually going on. Learning from Chad has got to be one of the best decisions I have made, as he has turned this subject into something I am looking forward to learning about and teaching me foundations that have been long overdue. I am not one with the videos yet, but I have to say they are truly wonderful.

Excellent Review of concepts, with examples!

Roxanna P.

I Love watching Chad's videos. His lectures have been instrumental in re-learning chemistry concepts that I've long forgotten! I especially enjoy how he relates the content with realistic scenarios so that I can understand the content better. The quizzes at the end of each section really help cement the content in. It's even more helpful when the explanation, along with a video is provided for each right or wrong answer.
I am extremely grateful and thankful that he not only takes the time to make these videos, but he does it in such a way that it's easier to learn and/or recount past teachings. I highly recommend his videos to anyone and everyone needing refresher's for hard chemistry subjects or for those who want to gain a better understanding of content learned.
Thank you so much! You're heaven sent!!!

great review

Cynthia G.

I am so glad Chad's videos exist! They are so helpful and he does an extremely amazing job at teaching you everything you need to know to survive general chemistry.

the best help with gen chem and ochem!

Nicole J.

I've been out of school for 4 years and I even used Chad's videos while studying in school but this is the easiest way to learn chemistry!

Great Resource!

Christine S.

Chad's videos have helped me grasp some challenging chemistry topics in words that I can understand and with relatable analogies. I'm so thankful that a fellow classmate told me about Chad.

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